What is Honmon Butsuryushu? 

The Lotus Sutra consists of 28 chapters; chapters 1 to 14 are referred to as "Shakumon" (in which Shakyamuni Buddha does not yet reveal his eternal nature, but appears as a being bound by the limitations of time and space). Chapters 14 to 28 are known as "Honmon" (in these sections the eternal nature of the Buddha is revealed). The eight chapters, from chapter 15 to chapter 22 of the Lotus Sutra, are considered the most important aspect of the sutra for the people of Mappo (the period of time in which we now live), for which Nissen Shonin selected the word "Honmon". "Butsuryushu" means the religion which Shakyamuni Buddha established; this is the name used by Nichiryu Shonin. This is how Honmon Butsuryushu was named.

The teaching of Honmon Butsuryushu is based on the teachings of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Shonin. Honmon Butsuryu Shu is referred to as a Nichiren related religious sect, but historically, it is a sect founded by Nissen Shonin (Nagamatsu Seifu) in the latter part of the Edo period (1857). He started Honmon Butsuryuko to salvage lay followers during the latter part of the Edo period through the early part of the Meiji Era. Therefore, Nissen Shonin is also called Kaido; the founder and the great leader.

Honmon Butsuryushu has about 500 temples throughout Japan, and enthusiastically performs missionary activities. There are also many temples overseas, such as in Brazil, the United States, Italy, South Korea, and Taiwan. One of the major distinctiveness of Honmon Butsuryushu is that we do not engage in politics or any profit-making activities. Instead, we pray for the followers to have happy and peaceful lives, and make positive contributions to the welfare of society. Followers also perform Bodhisattva practice under the slogan of "For the world, for the people". Through this web page, we are eager for you to have an opportunity to come into contact with the true teachings of Nichiren Shonin as your support for living in this world of hardships.

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